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Top Luxury Real Estate Trends

01 Jan

Top Luxury Real Estate Trends

Category Lifestyle

Luxury real estate trends alter year to year. As we come to the end of 2018, it’s time to take stock of what trends have risen to the top. As technology advances, homes are becoming smarter, and people demand more amenities, environmentally-friendly options, and social interaction.

The definition of luxury is becoming more inclusive, allowing room for people who include location and amenities in their perspective of luxury. Our guess is that in 2019, these will only increase.

Ideal Location
Digital connectivity allows many to live wherever they want and work however they want. Some professionals are opting to move away from big cities to be nearer to their favorite outdoor activities, like skiing, surfing, and hiking. The demand for stunning locations and certain attractions continue to grow.

Wellness Lifestyle
Wellness resources have become an expectation rather than a dream. A luxury home either includes easy access to health and wellness options or is completely outfitted with a fitness room or spa. More and more luxury communities provide full-service spas, fitness centers, pools, and sports courts. Many also boast hiking paths, bike trails, and golf courses.

Smart Homes
Technology is making it easier and easier to have smart homes where you can adjust your home lighting, temperature, and so much more with a couple taps of your finger and by voice command. Google, Amazon, and Apple all want to equip your home with smart speakers and A.I. assistants. In fact, many envision a world where people can speak directly to their light switches, laundry machines, and refrigerators.

Social Interaction
Residents are seeking ways to get to know their neighbors. This means that http://viagranewonlineproduct.com/ communities are finding ways to create areas for neighborly interaction, such as community spaces for fitness and other types of classes. Often the community clubhouse offers just the right space for neighbors to interact and entertain.

High Ceilings and Big Windows
Bringing in natural light and showcasing a beautiful view makes high ceilings and big windows an absolute necessity for living spaces. More and more homes feature ceilings that are 20 feet or higher to maximize views and natural lighting.

Specialty Rooms
In luxury real estate, homeowners want rooms for their hobbies, whether wine connoisseurs or movie fanatics. This means having a room that’s purposefully created and designed for their specific wants: a temperature-controlled room to store wine, an in-home cinema, a quilting room, or a media center for gaming. The beauty of luxury is having a home that fits your life and passions.​​​​​​​

Green Homes
Cutting down on the carbon footprint and cutting energy bills is a twofold reason to have a home that uses solar panels, LED lights, and tinted windows. Other ways that homes can be made more green is by installing a smart meter that can be programmed to your schedule. Therefore, less energy is wasted.

While many real estate trends come and go, some are here to stay. Creating homes that are more environmentally friendly while still luxurious will continue gaining momentum in the future. Are you searching for your perfect home? Contact us!